Toorcon 18: Qualcomm Challenge
Graphic design for a set of challenges presented by Qualcomm, Inc. at a security conference in San Diego. Designs included posters to lead participants to specific off site locations. A separate set of puzzles included a fictitious data analytics company based on the popular sitcom, Silicon Valley. A company logo, website, press, social media, advertising, coasters, business cards, buttons, and QR Code were designed as part of the challenge.
Posters at the event led players to off site locations. Numbers on the posters represent coordinates that lead to the desired destination. Poster designs provide clues to the physical location in San Diego (Horton Fountain, Pantoja Park, Santa Fe Depot). A bar code on each poster contains additional clues to solve the puzzle.
Website of fake data analytics company, p-brane industries. Clues to puzzles were embedded within the website.
Fake news article about p-brane industries.
Fake Twitter account for p-brane industries.
Table tent advertisements were placed around conference space to advertise p-brane industries and engage participants.
Coasters were distributed that contained a scrambled URL that, when deciphered, would lead players to a puzzle clue.
Business cards were handed out that contained additional clues.
Buttons were given to players to raise interest in the fake company, p-brane industries.
Utilizing p-brane industries' color scheme, QR Codes containing puzzle clues were strategically placed throughout the event space.

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